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Rapper Pitbull Gets His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Congratulations to Pitbull for receiving his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today in the Recording category. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored the rapper with the 2,584th Star located at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Eastown located in Celia Cruz Square.

Pitfall’s close friends motivational speaker Tony Robbins and hip hop artist Luther Campbell and rapper Lil Jon all showed up to speak about the guest of honor. Known as “Mr. Worldwide” and “Mr. 305” in honor of his Miami area code, Pitbull has a social media presence that reaches nearly 90-million people on a daily basis. His tenth full-length album “Climate Change” is set to drop this fall as he kicks off his The Bad Man Tour with prince Royce and Farruko in Fresno, California.

But despite all his success, Pitbull remains humble. As he said at his Walk of Fame ceremony today, “To me it’s never been about money, it’s never been about fame. It’s been about a journey and that journey being that it’s about our culture. It’s about coming from nothing to something. It’s about being the prime example of what the American dream is and what it embodies.”

Inspiring words from the man who lives by the credo, “In the word can’t is the word can. In the word don’t is the word do. In the word won’t is the word won.”

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Photos by Bob Freeman ©Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved.

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