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Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Sex and the City Behind for Divorce

Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Show Divorce Premieres

This Sunday, Sex and the City fans are going to have to accept the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker has changed her stripe. The beloved actress who brought us Carrie Bradshaw for six seasons and two feature films is returning to HBO with a very different role in the new show Divorce.

Although it’s been 12 years since Carrie and Mr. Big had their ultimate romantic moment in Paris, Sex and the Citydevotees are still holding on to the shoe obsessed writer. So the question is will they be ready to see Parker’s new persona. Sure, there will be similarities. Frances seems to have the same fidelity issues as Carrie did. But while Bradshaw spent her nights in Manhattan searching for love, this new character wants nothing more than to end her marriage to Robert (played by Thomas Haden Church).

While Sex and the City remained as light and airy as Carrie’s famous pink tutu most of the time, Parker has said that she wants Divorce to straddle a tone between comedy and drama. But if Divorce isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. In a recent interview Parker hinted that there might be a third Sex and the City movie in the works.

Tune in to Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Show Divorce

The MediaMine library includes media from Sarah Jessica Parker’s interview with celebrity journalist Reba Merrillfrom 1985 while she promoting the film Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

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