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Hollywood Walk of Famers Henry Winkler and Terry Bradshaw Know It’s Better Late Than Never

Imagine getting this call, “Hi, it’s Henry Winkler. Would you like to take a trip with me?” Now picture your travel companions being some of the most iconic celebrities of the last five decades — “The Practice’s” William Shatner, football great Terry Bradshaw and world-renowned boxer and indoor grill impresario George Foreman. That’s the invite that 33-year-old comedian Jeff Dye got when he was asked to tag along with Fonzie and his famous friends for the new reality show “Better Late Than Never.” Acting as bag boy and sidekick Dye will, of course, help to draw a younger audience to check out the more mature cast, when the series premieres tonight on NBC.


Inspired by the Chinese and South Korean hit “Grandpa Over Flowers,” the one-hour unscripted series follows the stars as they trek through Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Phuket and Chiang Mai. There’s the requisite eating of freaky foods and sleeping in uncomfortable beds. There are selfies galore and an occasional verbal sparring session between the celebs. But there are also some really tender and revealing conversations and some heartfelt moments shared between men you would have thought had seen it all.

Plus there are lots of laughs. It’s a sheer pleasure to watch these famous fish out of water navigate the local customs, a little bit jet-lagged, a tad encumbered by the effects of aging but never without their senses of humor. And really, who doesn’t want to watch Fonzie and Captain Kirk on a Hope and Cosby style road trip.

See “Better Late Than Never’s” Terry Bradshaw Get His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can tune in to “Better Late Than Never” tonight on NBC at NBC at 10 pm EST/PST. And check out MediaMine’s Hollywood Walk of Fame collection, which features media from Terry Bradshaw’s 2001 official Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony. And download the FREE Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App here to play trivia and see photos and videos from the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies.

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