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Florence Foster Jenkins Premieres with Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant Appear in Comedic Biopic

Meryl Streep is back in the Stephen Frears feature film Florence Foster Jenkins, which premieres on Friday, August 12. The three-time Oscar-winner (and 19-time nominee) plays the title role of a New York socialite who strove to become a famous opera singer, despite her lack of musical talent. Although incapable of staying on pitch or in rhythm, or properly pronouncing the foreign languages which permeate the operas she performed by Mozart, Verdi and Strauss, Jenkins became a sensation. Audience could not get enough of her entertaining attempts at singing and followed her all the way to Carnegie Hall. While audiences roared through her performances she shrugged them off as plants sent in to the theaters by jealous rivals.

Hugh Grant plays a British Shakespearean actor turned husband/manager, St. Claire Bayfield, in what are some saying is his best career performance. Simon Helberg, Rebecca Ferguson and Nina Arianda co-star.

MediaMine Has Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant Footage

The MediaMine library includes media from Meryl’s interview with celebrity journalist Reba Merrill from 1987 while she promoting the film Hope Floats. Reba also sat down with Hugh Grant to discuss his 1991 film Impromptu. In addition, the MediaMine archive includes Meryl Streep’s official Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony from September 1998.


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